Social Grocery r

banq alim angers 73 smallIn Europe, in 2014, 122 million people (24,4%) were at risk of poverty or social exclusion and among them 55 million (9,6%) were not able to afford a quality meal every second day. (Source: Eurostat Oct 2015).

At the same time, 90 million tons of food are wasted every year. (Source: Preparatory study on food waste across EU27, Europe Commission, October 2010)

Founded in 1986, the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) is a non profit organization which brings together 265 Food Banks in 23 member countries in Europe which collect food, a large part of which would otherwise be thrown away, and redistribute it to charitable organizations and social centers taking care of people in need.

In 2015, FEBA member food banks:

distributed the equivalent of
2,9 million
meals every day
(i.e. 531 000 tons of food)
5,7 million 
in partnership with 
33 200  
partner charitable
 thanks to
people among whom
90% are volunteers