Social Grocery r

Giving: products received and distributed are free of charge, food bank operations depend on other organisations and volunteers.


Fighting food waste: recovering for free, edible food surpluses from agriculture, food industry, retail trade and food service.

Sharing fairly and without any discrimination.


Calling for solidarity across Europe: distributing to charitable organisations that help the most deprived people in Europe, fostering volunteerism and promoting social solidarities.


For each person in Europe to have access to a sufficient and balanced diet while no edible food is wasted.

To contribute to reducing hunger and malnutrition in Europe, through the fight against food waste and the call for solidarity, by supporting and developing Food Banks in countries where they are most needed.

  • To advocate to the implementation of the right to food and to raise awarness about food banking as a proven solution to alleviate food poverty while reducing food waste.
  • To represent Food Banks vis-à-vis European institutions and charitable organizations to maintain efficient food aid programs and remove obstacles to food donations.
  • To build partnerships with multinational companies to support Food Bank activities.
  • To support the creation and development of Food Banks in compliance to the Charter of FEBA Food Banks.
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing among Members.