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FEBA is a non profit organization registered, under French law, as "Association loi 1901, reconnue d'utilité publique" with its main office in Bourg la Reine, close to Paris - France.

General Assembly

The General Assembly gathers the representatives of the Members (approximately 40). Once every 3 years, they elect up to 12 individuals to become members FEBA Directors.

The Board members elect a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer who together constitute the "Bureau" (sort of Executive Committee).

Board of Directors

The current composition of the Board (since June 2015) is the following:

  • Eduard ARRUGA (Spain)
  • Piet BOEREFIJN (Estonia)
  • Jean-Louis BOILEAU - Vice-President (France)
  • Nathalie BOLGERT - Treasurer (Poland)
  • Lindsay BOSWELL (United-Kingdom)
  • Balazs CSEH (Hungary)
  • Tom HILLEMANS - Secretary (Netherlands)
  • Vaidotas ILGLIUS (Lituania)
  • Isabel JONET - (Portugal)
  • Antonio OLIVA (Italy)
  • Angela FRIGO (Italy)
  • Jacques VANDENSHCRIK President (Belgium)

 External Auditors

FEBA annual financial accounts are audited by:

THIEULLOY et Associés
4 rue Catulle Mendès
75017 Paris

Phone : 01 44 08 64 08
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.