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FEBA opposes the dilution of the FEAD into a new ESF +


While discussions are currently taking place on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) which defines the rules for setting the next budget of the EU, a possible merger of the FEAD with the European Social Fund (ESF) and other funds into an ESF+ is contemplated.

FEBA opposes this merger as we advocate for a more ambitious fund clearly earmarked for food and material support to the most deprived people, whether looking or a job or not, and first step for their social reinsertion.

FEAD has been in place for only a few years and its impact on the vulnerable population is growing. A good part of the FEAD products are distributed by efficient volunteer based organizations, the benefits of the program are tangible and measurable and bridges with other social programs continue to be implemented on the ground. We believe that a dilution of this program into a 30 times bigger fund can only lead to higher administrative complexity and loss of efficiency.     

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