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FEAD, what's new?


On 20 March the European Commission published the FEAD Mid-Term Evaluation Interim Report 2018. The evaluation uses desk research, interviews and focus groups with Partner Organizations and Managing Authorities at European and national level and the Open Public Consultation (OPC) as sources of information.

The content of this report is very important for FEBA since 12 of our 24 members benefit from this Fund. 

The evaluation report presents the following conclusions:

  • The FEAD is an effective fund overall. Despite its limited scale, it is a key tool for both end recipients and organizations working in the field.
  • The FEAD improves partnerships and knowledge sharing at the local level both among institutions, partner organizations and social services, as well as across different partner organizations.
  • The FEAD is coherent with national schemes and other EU support programmes.
  • Overall, food support has reached a satisfactory number of deprived people in the Member States and different target groups of most deprived people; within this broader group, specific target groups such as children at risk of poverty have been targeted most often.
  • The FEAD fills in an important gap in national coverage of food aid. In Finland, Italy, Lithuania and Slovakia FEAD is the only source of food aid. Even in Member States with established channels for food aid, FEAD is an additional source of funding and can bring additional products to the end beneficiaries.
  • According to the results of the OPC food aid is considered as the most important type of assistance to alleviate the worst forms of poverty, even if accompanying measures are considered useful to alleviate poverty in the long-term.

The study will serve as input for a Staff Working Document and will ultimately feed into a Communication of the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council.

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