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Sharing the European experience on the other side of the ocean


Vincent Guilbert from FEBA travelled to the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, to join the "Third International Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition" organised by Servicio Social do Commercio (SESC) on 12 June. SESC is the nationwide non-profit organization, which also manages the network of food banks in Brazil, namely Mesa Brazil. The conference was possibile thanks to a close collaboration with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), FAO, WHO and the University of Brasilia.

The event was sold out with more than 350 participants, most of them students from the University of Brasilia.

On Monday 11 June, a delegation of participants in the meeting, including Vincent Guilbert, paid a visit to one of  the food banks belonging to Mesa Brazil, which redistributes more than 70 tons of surplus food per month in the city of Brasilia.

The seminar and the visit were an important occasion to exchange and build bridges between food bankers in Brazil and those represented by FEBA in Europe.

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