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Denmark: the Royal Run becomes a "zero waste" event


To celebrate Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark’s milestone birthday of 50 years, the country of Denmark hosted the "Royal Run '18", a nationally recognised running event which took place on 21 May 2018. 

The cities participating in this event included Aalborg, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Odense and Copenhagen/Frederiksberg. HRH The Crown Prince ran One Mile (1,609 km) in Aalborg, Aarhus, Esbjerg and Odense and concluded by running 10 km through Copenhagen and Frederiksberg’s streets. In addition to the Crown Prince’s family, children, students, soldiers and Olympic athletes were amongst those who joined the festivities. Over 70,000 people took part across the five cities, making it the eight largest running race by participation ever.

And more importantly, this was not only a sporting event… Volunteers from Foedevare Banken, the Danish Food Bank, recovered all the surplus food and redistributed it to local charitable organizations (in all of the five participating cities, of course!). A best practice of how large public events can concretely support food banks, just donating their surplus food!

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