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Czech Republic: new logistic centre born from the partnership between Food Banks and Penny Market


On 25 June the Czech Federation of Food Banks inaugurated a new logistics centre in Modletice near Prague, which will allow to increase the recovery, storage and redistribution of more surplus food and to improve the standards of the Food Banks in Czech Republic. These new facilities are possible thanks to the partnership with Penny Market which decided to get involved in supporting the food banks.

With a capacity of over 700 tons of food, this logistic centre will support the daily activity of 15 regional food banks which redistribute surplus food to shelters, day care centres, soup kitchens, etc.

“This new logistic centre is in a strategically desirable position and can represent a helpful support for our food banks, as it happens in other countries like France, Italy and Slovakia” said Veronika Láchová, Director of the Czech Federation of Food Banks.

According to Martin Peffek, Penny Market Managing Director, the Food Bank will now be able to store larger volumes of food, which was not possible in their regional small warehouses.

As European Food Banks Federation we were honoured to take part in this event which showed evidence of a fruitful partnership for recovering surplus food and supporting charitable organizations that assist people in need.

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