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The Food Bank Leadership Institute moves to Europe!


In 2019 the 13th edition of the Food Bank Leadership Institute(FBLI) will be held on 25-27 March in London, UK and will be organized in cooperation with the European Food Banks Federation.  

What is the FBLI?  

The Food Bank Leadership Institute (FBLI), convened annually by the Global FoodBanking Network, has become a landmark event for food bank and hunger leaders around the world.  

This institute provides a platform to build partnerships between business, governments, and NGOs; train foodbanking and hunger leaders; share information on new trends; and facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring.  

What are the goals?  

The Food Bank Leadership Institute equips participants to:  

  • Make strategic planning and the positioning of foodbanks 

  • Create partnerships to ensure ongoing supply of food and funds  

  • Be aware of the role of Government in affecting policy change 

  • Make use of new technologies to advance the mission 

Who are the participants?  

FBLI convenes food bank leaders, social entrepreneurs, global corporate citizens, and experts from approximately 35 countries on the front lines of alleviating global hunger and building food security for the long term. In addition to food bank CEOs and staff, previous speakers have included executive leadership from organizations such as World Food Program, the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, General Mills, Cargill, and Kellogg’s.  

Past participants of the FBLI have gone on to launch food banks that continue to thrive today or start programs that addresse merging issues, such as nutrition, rural hunger, and prepared food rescue

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