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Donation convoy in Budapest: 21 companies joined this year’s edition


FAO and the Hungarian Food Bank Association partnered against food waste and hunger with a food donation convoy rolling through the historic streets of Budapest on the occasion of World Food Day, on 16 October 2018.

The tradition of this World Food Day convoy goes back 13 years, with each year’s event designed to emphasize the fact that volumes of good food are being thrown away while global hunger is on the rise. The aim of this action is really to raise awareness on the problems of food waste and the growing double burden of malnutrition.

This year’s convoy comprised heavy vehicles loaded with a total of 30 tons of food donations from 21 Hungarian and international private companies. The final stop of the convoy was the warehouse of the food bank in Budapest where the food was given, in order to go to families in need in Hungary.

Representatives of FAO, the Food Bank Association and the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) were there to support the convoy.
As Balázs Cseh, president of the Hungarian Food Bank Association, said: “On this day – World Food Day – we would like to set an example where government, FAO, companies and the Food Bank stand side-by-side to bring change”. 

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