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Food rescue: the New Future of Food Donation


The achievement of the UN SDGs, in particular SDG 12.3 by preventing food waste through the redistribution for human consumption is an essential goal for Food Banks. And sharing best practice and knowledge amongst FEBA members can foster recovery and redistribution of surplus food to feed people in need. For these reasons, the European Food Banks Federation launched a new project: “The Future of Food Banks in Europe. Preparing the ‘20s”, thanks to a grant awarded by DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission.

On 10 and 11 December 2018 the European Food Banks Federation organised the first activity of this project: a skill-sharing session in Dublin organized in collaboration with FoodCloud and with a focus on the delegated distribution model.
Food Bank representatives from 15 European countries shared best practice and knowledge about existing models of delegated distribution and talked about the potential for development
in their countries.

What is delegated distribution?
Delegated distribution allows increased amounts of edible surplus food to be recovered from the retail and food service sectors. It is complementary to the traditional food banking model (based on warehousing and logistics), and consists of the direct recovery and redistribution of safe and nutritious food products, especially fresh products and cooked meals, to charitable organisations and their final beneficiaries.

What’s next?
The European Food Banks Federation will organise a second skill-sharing session on 4 and 5 February 2019 in Brussels, which will focus on data collection.

Report of the skill-sharing session
To read the report of the first skill-sharing session on delegated distribution, click here.

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