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We conduct joint actions with other partners at European and International levels for a public-awareness campaign among the different actors.


Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition

FEBA joined the Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition (AAHM), a global initiative that builds partnerships between organizations and institutions united to combat hunger and malnutrition. The initiative was launched in 2003.

The AAHM supports the creation of National and Regional Alliances Against Hunger and Malnutrition. A regional workshop to launch the European Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition was held at FAO headquarters in Rome on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October 2013.

The workshop was organized by the Secretariat of the AAHM with the participation of the National Alliances of Europe and their new partners, the European Federation of National Foodbanks”, FEBA”, the national food bank networks of France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.


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FoRWaRd - Food Recovery and Waste Reduction

The Food Recovery and Waste Reduction project, also named the FoRWaRd project was launched in 2012 by the European Union. The Hungarian, Polish and Lithuanian Food Banks, members of the European Federation of Food banks, FEBA, are partners of the project.

This project aims to develop a free on line training platform for managers and workers of the food supply chain. They will learn how to reduce and recover food waste and they will get the necessary skills and tools to work as waste managers in their facilities.

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FEBA joined SAVE FOOD, the Global Initiative against Food Loss and Food Waste launched in 2011 by FAO ( FOOD and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and the international trade fair group” Messe Düsseldorf”.

SAVE FOOD aims at encouraging dialogue between industry, research, politics, and civil society on food losses. The main thrust of the initiative is that the magnitude and complexity of the problem of food losses and waste requires collaboration of actors and organizations involved. Save Food aims also at increasing knowledge and changing behavior of actors and consumers in the food chain.

The SAVE FOOD Initiative will be hosting a two-day partnership meeting in Rome on 10 and 11 December this year, to discuss collaboration among the different partners.



FEBA, member of EU Fusions

FEBA participate in project dedicated to food waste reduction FUSIONS, Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimizing waste prevention Strategies. This 4 years project (2014-2016) is funded by the European Commission framework programme 7. This involves  a lot of members, universities, knowledge institutes, consumer organizations and businesses.

The European Commission’s target is a 50% reduction of food waste and a 20% reduction in the food chain’s resource inputs by 2020.

Food waste is important because of the environmental economic and social impacts it generates.

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FEBA cosigns a letter with European NGOS to ask for the pursuit of the European Fund of Aid for the Most Deprived - 1st February 2013

Brussels, 1st February 2013

Lettre 1 fevrier 2013 - Logos

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EAPN (European Anti Poverty Network)

FEBA is part of EAPN Europe, European Anti Poverty Network, which is a European network of associations fighting against poverty and social exclusion.

EAPN Europe is based on 28 national networks and 23 European organizations.

The national networks are national charities that deal with different aspects of poverty in each country. Many charities receive food from the Food Banks.

The European organizations are fighting the specific problems of poverty at the European level: unemployment, child poverty, homeless, migrants, racism, mental health, food poverty in the case of FEBA, etc...

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GFN (The Global FoodBanking Network)

GFN, the Global Foodbanking Network, was founded in 2006 by the Food Banks organizations from 4 countries: Argentina, Canada, Mexico and the United States, with the goal to develop the Food Bank concept in other countries in the world and put together their resources to increase donations in terms of food and financial support.

GFN is a non-governmental organization, located in Chicago,USA , and is supported through private or enterprise grants and donations; some of these companies being part of the founding members. GFN presently regroups the food banks from 25 countries, while actively working at the development of food banks in additional countries.

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European Federation of Food Banks. Contact: feba@eurofoodbank.org - Credits